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Analysis of Business Baseline

What is your current online presence. What could be improved for a quick win. 

SEO Content Strategy

Which keywords are suitable for more traffic. Select the best content types for the customer journey to sale. 

Analysis of Competition

Who is your closest competition. How strong is the competition. 

Website Implementation 

Add the new SEO content with keywords following best practices. Include a call to action for the next step. 

Keyword Analysis

What are your customer keyword phrases. What are the industry keyword phrases.

Sales Funnel Implementation

Create lead generation pages for emails. Create sales pages to buy. Create order pages to pay. 

Townsville Website SEO New Customer Secrets

To gain the New Customer Secrets please download and read the New Customer Secrets Workbook 9 page PDF.

This is used to define your ideal customer. It is used to craft the copywriting to suit them and increase engagement (sales). 

Download the New Customer Secrets Workbook - FREE 9 Page PDF
Townsville Website SEO - Create Product Market Fit Domination
Knowing your keywords is vital for your business online success.
  • Do I have any ranking keywords already?
  • What keywords are my competitors ranking for?
  • What are my ideal customer searching for?
  • Which keyword phrases should be selected for content where search volume is high and competition is low?
  • How big do you want your business to scale using content in ads, posts, blogs, articles and web pages?

The keyword Townsville is found in 3,300,000 searches per month in 188,000 search phrases. 

Which keyword phrases relate to your business? What is the scale of the opportunity?

Townsville SEO sales funnel
Capture More Prospects And Customers With Sales Funnels
Go next level with marketing and sales using a Sales Funnel. Build a prospects email list. Build a customers email list (asset). Have free, low ticket and high ticket offers. Email sequences can be used to creates trust for follow up sales.

See 8 examples of simple and advanced sales funnels in Sales Funnel Resources

Sales funnels are built on special platforms. Email lists are built on platforms. Keywords, SEO and copywriting are used in their design.

.e.g. Web page - Opt-in Page - Free Lead Magnet (15 page PDF) - Core Offer - Order Page. 10 email sequence on boarding. 

The Accelerating Business Results System - Free 15 page PDF
Business Strategy Tips for Business Growth by Design - Kindle Book
Business Strategy Tips for Business Growth by Design - Paperback Book

This book has resources linking back to this website. There is also a matching Workbook PDF Form to go with the book. 

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