2022 Fast SEO Transformation

2022 Fast SEO Transformation

What you need for a 10 day SEO Plan - Case Study

New Customer Secrets

Define your Ideal Customer Avatar in detail. 

Ideal customer search phrases.

Where your ideal customer is online.

Existing business baseline documented.

Present Product Market fit. 

Top 3 business channels for new customers.

Download the New Customer Secrets Workbook here. 

Product Market Fit

Your market defined - Industry size. 

Your Niche Keywords - search phrase volumes

Your competition known - Closest competitors

Your Customers online questions listed. 

Order Your keyword research here. 

Keyword Research Domination

The results from this analysis will influence the following stages. 

Content Marketing

Use your ideal customer avatar + keywords

Blogs, Posts, Ads, Emails, Sales Letter

Product descriptions, Video sales letters

Headlines, sales copy bullets, Tweets

Content = Awareness, Interest, Purchase

A detailed description of the content can be found here. 

Copywriting Business Growth

This needs a 49 question form filled in to proceed. 

Advanced Niche Content

Make a shortlist of your desired niche keywords.

Review the competition top 10 rankings.

Make a shorter list of where you could rank top 10.

Get a SEO Content Template for each phrase.

Create a content marketing deployment schedule.

This activity duration and size is variable. More content = More results.

10 Day Fast SEO Case Study

The above steps can be completed in 10 days. E.g.

2 Customer Avatars defined.

Over 1000 keywords reviewed.

Biggest competitor analysed in detail. 

25,000+ words of content ready. 

35 niche keywords with SEO Content Templates.

This project was done in collaboration with the client. The client filled in the New Customer Secrets Workbook PDF and completed the Content Form. 

I completed the keyword analysis and custom content set. 

The client arranged the content to go to their website using their webmaster.

The end results was transformation from being almost invisible online to being known via the stock keyword content and the 35 niche keywords.

Are you ready to step up from being invisible online? 

Fill in the form on Basic SEO to get started.