11 Business Keywords Steps

11 Business Keywords Steps

If you want to more website traffic, then this list of steps holds the keys you need if you want to avoid having to become a marketing expert.

The Big Takeaway Of This Business Keywords List Is: Prepare Your Business For Online Domination

Everyone need to understand that steps to business keyword domination.

And what this really means is know how to drive business growth.

This will help everyone because without online presence your business will miss out on 5 Billion people online.

Step # 1 - Niche Topic Seed Keyword

  • This can be your industry sector
  • It can be your main product or service
  • Consider the words your customers use to describe your business
  • Need help, see https://www.matthewb.id.au/customers/ Customer Segment Research Tool

Step # 2 - Google Keyword Planner / Semrush Keyword Tools

  • Google Keyword Planner https://adwords.google.com/ is within the Google Adwords program
  • One seed word in can generate 100's or 1000's of related phrases with search volumes.
  • Semrush can do Keyword Magic Tool which is similar but includes Keyword Difficulty.
  • It can also do Topic Research for sub topics, top 10 competition and user questions.
  • There is also SEO Content Template that analyses the top 10 results for any keyword phrase.
  • Download your results in Excel format.

Step # 3 - Keyword Shortlist That Relate To You

Step # 4 - Google Each Phrase For Top 10 Review

  • From your short list Google each phrase.
  • Look at the title and descriptions for the exact keyword phrase.
  • If the exact match is not present in all top 10 then you have a chance at the top 10.
  • Note the content types and sizes of the top 10 competition.

Step # 5 - Make A Shorter Keyword List

  • Consider which business keyword phrases you can make top 10 worthy content.
  • Make a shorter keyword list where you can potentially rank top 10.

Step # 6 - Make Content Where You Can Compete

  • Make content similar style to the existing top 10 content.
  • E.g. Video, Images, Web pages, Frequently Asked Questions...

Step # 7 - Add On Page SEO Content Features

  • Your main keyword phrase can be in the title, H1 heading, Meta description, first paragraph, image descriptions and sub headings.
  • Synonyms should also be included.

Step # 8 - Share New Content On Social Media

  • Share your new content on Social Media channels where your ideal customers can be found.
  • This could be multiple channels.
  • Include links back to your website.

Step # 9 - Allow Time For Google Indexing And Google Ranking

  • Google indexing will take a few days. Then your content can show up on Google Search.
  • Google Ranking will improve over time. e.g. 1 month. Backlinks can help.

Step # 10 - Repurpose Content To Video, Audio, Images...

  • Text content can be converted to video, podcasts, image quotes...
  • Link related content to raise online authority.

Step # 11 - Create Content Clusters On Your Topics

  • Better results are made when several related niche topic content is internally linked together.
  • Higher competition business keyword phrases will need larger content clusters.

My suggestion to you now is to build your online business presence.

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