A Restaurants Townsville SEO Resource

Restaurants Townsville SEO Resources

If your goal is to see the data from restaurants Townsville SEO prospects, then this resource holds the keys you need if you want to avoid having to research the local industry in detail.

The Bottom Line Of This Resource Is: use SEO data for business advantage.

Here's the crucial thing you need to understand with this resource: know what your prospects are searching for.

You need to know this because respond to your customers more directly.

You need to understand this is key because addressing prospects questions in search allow new customers later.

So now you need to review the keyword phrases important to your business and act on them.

KeywordVolumeKeyword DifficultyCPC (USD)Calculated Value
restaurants townsville3600290.25$900
townsville restaurants1600280.25$400
best restaurants townsville1000260.23$230
restaurant townsville1000260.25$250
townsville restaurant1000270.26$260
restaurants on the strand townsville880200.53$466
restaurants in townsville720270.25$180
chinese restaurant townsville480242.06$989
indian restaurant townsville480152.21$1061
thai restaurant townsville480281.32$634
townsville seafood restaurants480180$0
italian restaurant townsville390210$0
palmer street townsville restaurants390220$0
seafood restaurant townsville390180$0
seafood restaurants in townsville390170$0
japanese restaurant townsville320210$0
best restaurants in townsville260240.23$60
family restaurants townsville260180$0
korean restaurant townsville260230$0
thai restaurant in townsville260271.32$343
the pier restaurant townsville260200$0
cooking townsville restaurant210200$0
townsville best restaurants210250.23$48
townsville casino restaurant210210.73$153
live fire restaurant townsville170200$0
restaurants townsville city170260.4$68
best restaurant townsville140250.23$32
byo restaurant townsville140170$0
live fire restaurant townsville menu140180$0
restaurants the strand townsville140210.53$74
asian restaurants townsville110210$0
best restaurant in townsville110240.23$25
coo king townsville restaurant110190$0
dynasty restaurant townsville110210$0
jam restaurant townsville110301.04$114
new restaurants townsville110241.03$113
restaurants palmer street townsville110210$0
shore drive restaurant townsville110310$0
vietnamese restaurant townsville110240$0

Keyword Difficulty relates to how much competition is present on that phrase.

CPC (Cost Per Click) is the value of Google Adword Search Pay Per Click advertising.

Calculated value = search volume x CPC. How much the market is worth in terms of marketing/month.

The full dataset for restaurants Townsville SEO is 1245 rows. These are opportunities for organic traffic and paid search traffic to boost your business.

And here's one more thing. Did you know, you can claim this keyword research on how to see the data from restaurants Townsville prospects! You can get it here:

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