Townsville Accommodation SEO Secrets

Townsville Accommodation SEO Secrets 

If you're a business owner who is excited to see the data from Townsville accommodation SEO prospects, then pay careful attention to this secret if you want to avoid having to research the local industry in detail.

The Point Of This Secret Is: use SEO data for business advantage.

The important thing for you to understand with this is thatknow what your prospects are searching for.

As a business owner, this means responding to your customers more directly.

This is critical for business owners success because addressing prospects questions in search allow new customers later.

So the thing for you to do here is to review the keyword phrases important to your business and act on them.

KeywordSearch Volume/monthKeyword DifficultyCPC (USD)Calculated Value
townsville accommodation9900351.41$13959
accommodation townsville6600301.41$9306
accommodation in townsville1900281.41$2679
accommodation townsville strand1300201.02$1326
townsville accommodation on the strand720181.02$734
cheap accommodation townsville590170.77$454
townsville casino accommodation590310.43$254
pet friendly accommodation townsville480170.58$278
accommodation the strand townsville390181.02$398
self contained accommodation townsville390180.89$347
single person accommodation townsville390160.53$207
townsville strand accommodation390181.02$398
the strand accommodation townsville320161.02$326
townsville accommodation strand320161.02$326
townsville accommodation the strand320181.02$326
accommodation palmer street townsville260351.04$270
accommodation strand townsville260181.02$265
cheap weekly accommodation townsville260180.69$179
strand accommodation townsville260181.02$265
accommodation on the strand townsville210171.02$214
accommodation townsville casino210300.43$90
casino townsville accommodation210320.43$90
cheap accommodation in townsville210180.77$162
strand townsville accommodation210181.02$214
townsville accommodation deals210211.01$212
townsville the strand accommodation210171.02$214
accommodation townsville qld170261.34$228
jcu townsville accommodation170420.95$162
share accommodation townsville170140.28$48
accommodation near townsville hospital140140.51$71
accommodation townsville city140221.07$150
apartment accommodation townsville140171.11$155
cheap accommodation townsville cabins140170.45$63
family accommodation townsville140130.8$112
long term accommodation townsville140170.64$90
luxury accommodation townsville140150.64$90
pub accommodation townsville140180.43$60
student accommodation townsville140390.66$92
5 star accommodation townsville110120.66$73
accommodation near townsville stadium110170.67$74
jcu accommodation townsville110380.95$105
short term accommodation townsville110180.89$98
the strand townsville accommodation110210.92$101
the ville townsville accommodation110270.49$54

Google searches per month.

Keyword Difficulty relates to how much competition is present on that phrase.

CPC (Cost Per Click) is the value of Google Adword Search Pay Per Click advertising.

Calculated value = search volume x CPC. How much the market is worth in terms of marketing/month.

The full dataset for Townsville Accommodation SEO is 1114 rows. These are opportunities for organic traffic and paid search traffic to boost your business.

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