Real Estate Suburb Keywords

Townsville Real Estate Suburb Keywords Secrets You MUST Know!

Here's new Townsville Suburb Keywords information for every Townsville Real Estate Agents who wants to learn how to use suburb names for more market share so you can gain market share in Townsville without having to compete directly with national competitors.

So, here's where we are right now...

  • Townsville has a population around 200,000 people.
  • Townsville Real Estate have local and national competitors.
  • There is lots of competition for Real Estate Townsville keyword phrase.

We'll Cover...

  • Secret #1 - Popular Suburbs
  • Secret #2 - Suburb Keywords
  • Secret #3 - Suburb Competition

Secret #1 - Popular Suburbs

  • Know the suburb customers search for most often relative to the population
  • See which suburbs need more keyword content relative to popularity

Secret #2 - Suburb Keywords

  • Different suburbs have different search phrases
  • Note how many different keywords are used in a suburb and create content accordingly

Secret #3 - Suburb Competition

  • See how much online competition there is for a suburb
  • Choose keywords with lower keyword difficulty to rank easily
  • Choose higher ranking keywords with multiple web pages to achieve domination

So, here are the big takeaways from today's Townsville Suburb Keywords article:

  • 51901 Google searches are done per month on Real Estate Townsville suburbs.
  • There are 38 Townsville suburb names that can be used with Real Estate content.
  • 3238 unique keyword phrases are used by Townsville Real Estate searches.
  • Lots of suburb keyword phrases have no competition which means opportunities for you.

Townsville Real Estate Suburb Keyword Search Results

SuburbPopulationSearch Volume/monthAll KeywordsAverage Keyword Difficulty
Mount Low - Burdell - Beach Holm20371180723
Mount Louisa991890625
Idalia - Clueden - Oonoonba7679501325
Deeragun Jensen692215109623
Castle Hill North Ward6359339020530
Bohle Plains Rangewood Shaw59434040
Black River Alice River Hervey Range567040180
Balgal Beach39383301619
West End3891214018630
Hermit Park346580140
Shelly Beach - Garbutt33113050
Townsville City31646303433
Alligator Creek3061220621
Railway Estate3029504018
Belgian Gardens - Rowes Bay258440100
South Townsville254980527
Magnetic Island244330706828
Hyde Park - Mysterton20614007626
Thuringowa Central2048110
Murray - Roseneath and District1638220030823
Julago - Stuart1512337043622
Woodstock District 63745012426
Townsville 2790074937
Totals19697051901323817.9 (average)

The moral here is that you can learn how to use suburb names for more market share without having to compete directly with national competitors.

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