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KeywordSearch Volume per monthKeyword DifficultyCost Per Click (USD)Traffic Value $ Volume x CPC
bunnings townsville1810089.20.04$724
kmart townsville1210086.830.07$847
harvey norman townsville990086.831.52$15048
real estate townsville990074.790.14$1386
townsville accommodation990085.661.32$13068
officeworks townsville810090.860.33$2673
townsville rentals810076.130.11$891
townsville taxi810083.841.29$10449
good guys townsville660086.430$0
big w townsville540088.920$0
jb hi fi townsville540086.960.2$1080
restaurants townsville540082.850.22$1188
townsville caravan parks540076.530.39$2106
townsville cinemas440081.640$0
things to do in townsville360077.880.41$1476
car hire townsville290081.310.95$2755
florist townsville290065.980.76$2204
townsville hotels2900871.87$5423
used cars townsville290064.670.16$464
hairdressers townsville240065.481.33$3192
townsville golf club240069.330$0
airbnb townsville190075.651.5$2850
dentist townsville190066.142.93$5567
gyms townsville190071.771.49$2831
the strand townsville190078.660.41$779
barber townsville160074.931.48$2368
bike shops townsville160075.890.62$992
doctors townsville160064.571.12$1792
furniture stores townsville160082.610.88$1408
townsville markets160072.270.46$736
townsville medical centre160067.760.88$1408
tyres townsville160071.510.99$1584
chemist townsville130076.920.97$1261
electrician townsville130057.474.22$5486
mechanics townsville130061.012.6$3380
motels townsville130073.081.52$1976
pet shops townsville130075.270.41$533
plumbers townsville130063.264.21$5473
rental properties townsville130077.910.2$260
townsville shopping centre130082.561.01$1313
trailers for sale townsville130066.920.95$1235
auto electrician townsville100064.431.59$1590
builders townsville100060.322.28$2280
cafe townsville100080.62.85$2850
chiropractor townsville100063.333.5$3500
fish and chips townsville100081.760$0
flowers townsville100062.840.89$890
locksmith townsville100069.371.34$1340
nursery townsville100064.686$6000
pizza townsville100080.061.55$1550
real estate agents townsville100067.922.93$2930
takeaway townsville100083.480.62$620
vets townsville100064.381.63$1630
  • The above table is a shortlist from 188,000 Townsville search phrases
  • Choice 1. Use Pay Per Click ads. Cost Per Click $/click.
  • Choice 2: Use SEO and Copywriting to get the traffic for FREE ongoing
  • What is the monthly opportunity lost if you don't act?

If you're one of those website owners who is excited to grow their website, then pay careful attention to this Townsville SEO secret.

The Main Idea Of This Secret Is: Use Keywords And SEO Copywriting Together 

The #1 thing you need to understand with this is finding a faster path to website growth.

As a website owner, here's what this means to you. more traffic equals more customers.

This is very important for everyone because growth to the business online.

You should consider the opportunities available.

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