10 Copywriting Services Secrets

10 Copywriting Services Secrets

If you're a website owner who is ready to gain content for business growth, then this list of secrets holds the keys you need if you want to avoid having to create content by themselves.

The big takeaway of these 10 Secrets is: copywriting types  and content marketing.

That means knowing new ways to gain customers, to prevent your competition overtaking you with content.

Secret # 1 - Product Description

400+ words
Headline, introduction, sales bullets, offer stack, bonuses, call to action
2 variations - Great Big Promise (product) & Problem Agitate Solve (service)

Get a higher conversion rate on visitors to your product page.

Secret # 2 - Full Sales Letter

1100+ words
Headline, sub headline, introduction story, sales bullets, bio, testimonials, offer stack, bonuses, guarantee, special price, results, offer stack short form, order button, P.S.     
2 variations - Great Big Promise (product) & Problem Agitate Solve (service)

Sell high ticket items using a full length sales page.

Secret # 3 - Video Sales Letter

200+ words
Script for short video placed near the top of the sales letter. About 2 minutes.
2 variations - Great Big Promise (product) & Problem Agitate Solve (service)

Support a visual high ticket buyer with short video and buy button.

Secret # 4 - Social Media Copy - Posts / Blogs

1000+ words
10 Posts or Blogs used for product/service awareness with link to product/service page.
Can also be used to make short videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok.

Get 10 Post headlines link back to your sales page or product page on multiple platforms.

Secret # 5 - Social Media Ads

4000+ words
Sections for Product Ads, Solution Ads, Problem Ads
Subsections to select a Headline, Body and Call To Action.
1000's of combinations possible.

Have ad copy for new ad groups on a regular basis for cheaper and more effective marketing.

Secret # 6 - Headlines

7000+ words
Hot Headlines for prospects that know you
Warm Headlines for prospects that are looking for solutions
Cold Headlines for prospects that have a problem

Choose headlines for emails, articles, posts, web pages... including benefits for better customer engagement.

Secret # 7 - Sales Bullets

6000+ words
350+ bullet point lines
Benefits, Mistakes, Beginner, Critical Skills, FAQ, Origin Story, Opportunities, Guidelines, Steps, Tips, Secrets

Add sales bullets to any content to showcase your business advantage.

Secret # 8 - Emails

600+ words
Announce your product via email.
10 Subject line variations.
Email body
Choice of 21 sales bullets
2 choices of Call To Action

Use emails for repeat sales to your customer list. Copywriting helps with open rates and click through rates.

Secret # 9 - Tweets

1000+ words
Headline Sentence and Link
Can be used in Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn.
Sentence can also be used on images.

Tweet headlines can also be used with ad copy as text. e.g. Facebook or Pinterest.

Secret # 10 - About Me

120+ words
Bio page with education, work history, awards, personal info, call to action
Can be used as a web page, social media profile descriptions or in documents.

Provide social proof for the business to built trust and authority with customers.

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