You and your top 10 competition - Analysis, action, results, competitive advantage

You And Your Top 10 Competitors - 10 Comparisons

Competition analysis for business growth.

Leveraging data to create competitive advantage.

Getting more market share by design

It means knowing what it takes to be market leader.

So, if you want to know how to gain market share, here are some secrets for you:

Secret # 1 - Organic Search Traffic

  • See your own business organic search traffic over time.
  • Understand your top 10 competitors organic search traffic over time.
  • How long has each business been online.
  • Who is the market leader.
  • What other competitors are in front of your business in terms of organic traffic.

Secret # 2 - Organic Keywords

  • Which organic keywords do you rank for already.
  • What are the keywords your top 10 competitors are ranking for.
  • Are there favourite keywords patterns that have high competition.
  • Spot keywords that have good search volumes but low competition to leverage.

Secret # 3 - Paid Keywords

  • Do you run paid Pay Per Click advertising targeting particular keywords.
  • Are your competitors running Pay Per Click targeting particular keywords.
  • Which paid keywords have reasonable Cost Per Click price to leverage.

Secret # 4 - Sample Ads

  • See sample ads of your competitors including text and images.
  • Note the dates the ads have been seen online.
  • Who has the longest running ad campaigns.
  • Can you model similar text and imagery for your own marketing campaign advantage.

Secret # 5 - Indexed Web Pages

  • See how many web pages have been indexed by Google and available on search.
  • Notice how many indexed web pages are indexed for your top 10 competitors.
  • How does your business rank in terms of web pages compared to your competitors.
  • Also see individual web page internal and external link counts as a sign of importance.
  • Does your competitors cover topics that you could to gain market share.

Secret # 6 - Referring Domains

  • Identify the websites that link to your website.
  • Look at the websites that link to your top 10 competitors websites.
  • Can you also gain links from other websites to raise your business online authority.

Secret # 7 - Backlinks

  • Recognise the total of backlinks to your website.
  • Observe the total of backlinks to your top 10 competitors.
  • See the Authority score of each backlink to each web page.
  • Gaining high authority backlinks will increase your online presence, traffic and online business.

Secret # 8 - Anchor Link Text

  • See the words being used in links to your website.
  • Spot the words being used in links to your top 10 competitors.
  • Web pages will have higher ranking for the keyword phrases using in links to the page.
  • Create more internal links with your desired keywords to your important web pages.

Secret # 9 - Your Keyword Shortlist

  • What are your ranking business keywords that could be enhanced into top 10 positions.
  • Which of your competitors keywords do you also want to rank for.
  • Are there popular long tail keywords (3-5 words) to nobody has created content for.
  • Avoid keyword phrases that have 10 optimised search results with keywords in title and description.
  • Include keywords used by your customers for awareness, interest, consideration, evaluation and purchase.

Secret # 10 - Your New Copywriting

  • Make copywriting optimised product / service descriptions including keywords.
  • Create copywriting sales pages / video sales letters with keywords for higher ticket products & services.
  • Build landing web pages using your keywords shortlist.
  • Generate ads using your keywords shortlist.
  • Create social media posts with keyword links to your landing web pages.
  • This new content will drive new traffic into your business with higher sales conversion rates 24/7.

Get your own business and top 10 competition's data.

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