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4 Simple Sales Funnels


4 Advanced Sales Funnels

4 Advanced Sales Funnels

Sales Funnel Page components

Headline - Grab the readers attention to continue reading.

Sub Headline - Long worded headline describing the benefits for what is below. 

Paragraph - This can contain stories and information for the reader.

Bullet List - These can list features of the offer. 

Image - This can be logo, product images or stock images from e.g. Canva. 

Video - This can contain a Video Sales Letter. The video can be embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or Cloud computing storage.

Button - They can be used to move to next page, Order, Buy, Upsell Buy...

Inputs - Collect text like name and credit card details. 

Textarea - Used to collect longer multiple lines of text.

Select Box - Choose one of several options. e.g. Product level selection. 

Pricing Table - Show several products side by side. e.g. Choose Plan.

Custom Code - e.g. Google or Facebook tracking, iFrame web page in a web page....

Sales Funnel Page functions

Presell Pages 

- Longer article page with Call To Action to the Sales Funnel. This can pair with an Ad to achieve high quality score for approval.

- Trust and education can be provided with a story and video first.

Optin Pages

- This page can collect the name and address of the visitor in exchange for the Lead Magnet (free offer). Headline, image, name, email, button.

- e.g. PDF Guide, White paper, Cheat sheet, One-Pager,  Templates, video, eBook, Checklist...

- You can also use a short video on the optin page and collect the email for more information. 

Thank You Pages

- This page indicates the Lead Magnet will be emailed to the shortly. 

- Level 2 video can be placed here for further engagement. 

- It can also link to the core offer(s).

- Links to your Social Media groups can be placed here.

Offer Wall Page

- This page can used to show the product or services available.

- Each item can link to its own Sales Funnel.

- Placement of the Offer Wall is often at the end of a funnel. 

Bridge Page

- This page can be used a pre-education before the sales funnel. 

- Use this before sales pages.

- It can also be used from an ad, provide value and context then the Call To Action affiliate link to sell other people's products. See 173 categories of Clickbank affiliate products.

Sales Letter

- Long form written content that can include problem definition, solution benefits, desires, offer stack, guarantee, testimonials....

- For high ticket items the length is longer. 

Video Sales Letter (VSL)

- Often in place of a sale letter or working with a sales letter. 

- Feature highlights can be shown below with a Buy Button. 

- The video can be a person talking or the narration of a PowerPoint. 

Product Launch Page

- This consists of a series of videos that are unlocked coming up to a product launch date.

- Its function is to warm up prospects for the launch.

- It can contain introduction, questions, answers, overcoming objections...

- The strategy is from Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula. He has 2 books and launches a yearly training course. 

Order Forms

- Collect the name, email  and address of the buyer.

- Collect the credit card information for payment. 

- Add to cart button

- A variation is to have a Sales Letter or Video Sales letter directly about the order form. 

- Another variation is to have the Order Form appear below the Product Launch Page in the Open Cart Launch Period. 

One Time Offer (OTO)

- This can be upsell and down-sell pages after the order form. e.g. Not finished Progress bar, Headline, video, Add to Order, No thanks link. 

- Any item added automatically gets billed to the credit card. 

- e.g. Up-sells for  High ticket mastermind, Done with your services, Done for you services,

- e.g. Down-sells for Digital courses, Digital Ebooks

Webinar Pages

- Webinar Registration: Collect email address. Setup a reminder for the Webinar time. Images, Features, email, Register button. 

- Webinar Confirmation: Thank you for registering. Add to Calendar. Can include a introduction video. An offer can also be put on this page. 

- Broadcast Room: Show the Zoom or GoToWebinar or Prerecording. No pause button. Add to Cart Button.

- Replay Room: Show the webinar recording with play and pause button available. Often available for a limited period. Add to Cart Button.

Membership Pages

- Members Access Page - At the end of the funnels from a link. Member login details are also emailed. Member Login, Name, Password, Login To Account.

- Members Area - Sections, Lessons, Downloads, This is arranged in a menu structure. 

Affiliate Pages

- Allow other sellers to sell your product for a commission. 

- Each seller needs to set up their account. Name, address, country, Tax ID, PayPal email. 

- Each seller gets a seller code that gets added to the sales page link URL. 

- Affiliates get access to a support page with images, scripts, ad images...

Application Page

- This is used to pre-qualify prospects before working with you. 

- Video, Form, Book Appointment / Calendar link / Submit Application button.

- This can be used for High Ticket Offers. $1000's.

Home Page

- At the root domain name.

- Can link to the Sales Funnels.


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