Market Share Analysis Framework

5 Things Every business manager Needs To Know About market share analysis and market share advancement.

How to pass the competition.

Market Share Analysis Framework

How To Gain Market Share

(My 5 Step Strategy For Getting In Front Of Their Closest Competitors!)

Presented by Matthew Bulat

Let me tell you a quick story...

* There I was, a business consultant trying to develop the regional business economy.

* The thing is, at the time I was teaching business vision and goals to business owners.

* The big problem was that the business workshop for business goals needed more context. That meant showing business owners business goal tools without sufficient background does not work, which business owners needed one on one assistance to imagine their business goals.

* Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

* I received feedback of what extra was needed to teach business goals about teaching business goals requires some examples that relate to individual businesses!

* Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to create a pre training framework before using business goal tools, because I saw allowing clients to imagine their business goals for growth.

* My plan was to start making a business goals training resources.

* So I started making a infographic for a business goals framework. But we didn’t stop there.

* We then made a business goals framework.

* After that, we created a business goals PDF form.

* Building on that success, we decided to link the new business goal resources with the business goal workshop.

* We call it “Business Goals Setting Worksheet and Infographic”.

* With Business Goals Setting Worksheet and Infographic I can now scale up teaching imagining new business goals then implementing them!

* And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

Big Picture Strategy For Getting In Front Of Their Closest Competitors:

  • Business Baseline
  • Nearest Larger Competitor
  • Content Upgrade
  • Backlinks Upgrade
  • Track Your Progress

Business Baseline

  • Record your current online traffic volume
  • Note the keywords you have rankings for
  • Look up how many web pages are indexed by Google
  • Check how many backlinks connect to the website
  • Check how many referring domains connect to the website

Nearest Larger Competitor

  • Find out their online traffic volume
  • Note the keywords they rank for
  • Find out how many web pages are indexed by Google
  • Note how many backlinks go to your competitor and to which pages
  • Note the referring domains that have backlinks to your competitor

Content Upgrade

  • Improve your existing web pages to gain top 10 keyword rankings with Google
  • Review your competitors relevant low keyword difficulty keywords and make new content on those keywords
  • Share your new content with your Social Media for engagement and backlinks
  • The Goal is to have more ranking keywords than your competitor

Backlinks Upgrade

  • Can you gain backlinks from the same referring domain as your competitor
  • Can you gain more backlinks from your own referring domains
  • Create backlinks using LinkedIn Articles, Medium Articles, Pinterest Pins, YouTube descriptions...
  • Build Press Releases for harder keywords from several providers
  • The goal is to have more backlinks and more referring domains than your competitors

Track Your Progress

  • New content can take 1 month to index and rank.
  • Popular content can get backlinks organically over time.
  • Your business will grow with new content, backlinks and organic traffic.

Examples Of This Framework In Action:

  • Consultancy Done Differently has passed most of the competition with 100+ web pages in 1 year
  • MatthewB get over 1 Million page views per year from 600+ web pages

Conclusion / Final Thoughts:

  • You are in a race with your competitors for online traffic, prospects and customers.
  • The winners in your industry have the most keyword content and backlinks.
  • Use data to be strategic with your market share advancement.

Next Steps:

Top 10 Competition Analysis + Keywords + Copywriting