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Leveraging Websites and Sales Funnels for Business Growth

Analysis of Business Baseline

What is your current online presence. What could be improved for a quick win.

SEO Content Strategy

Which keywords are suitable for more traffic. Select the best content types for the customer journey to sale.

Analysis of Competition

Who is your closest competitor. How strong is the competition.

Website Implementation

Add the new SEO content with keywords following best practices. Include a call to action for the next step.

Keyword Analysis

What are your customer keyword phrases. What are the industry keyword phrases.

Sales Funnel Implementation

Create lead generation pages for emails. Create sales pages to buy. Create order pages to pay.

Matthew Bulat photo

Meet Matthew Bulat

I  am expert in helping business owners create a popular customer flow to your business with keywords.

If you want to find new prospectsnurture prospects to customers, and increase customer lifetime value then I can definitely help you.

I am awesome at SEO and my accomplishments include:

  • Master of Engineering Technology
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Google Adwords Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • SEMrush Certifications

Work History:
  • I have 4 years experience teach IT at university level including HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, ,NET.
  • I have 23 years experience with HTML and website development.

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
  • I build or improve websites as required for business needs.
  • I have created specialist tools for business models, marketing plans and customer avatars.

Other Info:
  • My own website runs over 1 million users per year since 2018.
  • I rank #1 for over 100 keyword phrases.
  • Keywords, Customer Segment and Customer Channels come first before the implementation phase.

  • I build business models and marketing plans for Startup Weekend teams.
  • I combine business, marketing and technology to design better solutions.
  • I wrote Business Strategy Tips for Business Growth by Design.
  • I wrote 74 ways to use the NBN Broadband Internet.
  • I wrote IT Jobs Formula - 1500 roles in IT.

  • I have dealt with Google updates for over 10 years such as mobile responsive, Schema, https security, HTML standards and CSS standards. Keeping up with emerging SEO changes helps me keep in front of the competition.

When you want to create a popular customer flow to your business with keywordsdon't mess around with anyone but the best at SEO.

I will help you find new prospectsnurture prospects to customers, and increase customer lifetime value!

8 Million Page View - Townsville Website SEO - Matthew Bulat