Business Idea to Business Strategy Success

Business Idea to Business Strategy Success

Here's new business idea information for every business owners who wants to prosper from implementing the business idea so you can develop the business idea into a business success without having to endure business idea failure.

So here's where we are right now...

  • There are 5 Billion people use Google Search per day.
  • Will my business idea topic be popular?
  • Is there existing competition for the business idea?
  • What is the marketplace size potential for the business idea?

We'll Cover...

  • Step #1 - Niche Keyword Research
  • Step #2 - Google Search Most Popular Niche Keyword Phrase
  • Step #3 - Competitor Research

Step #1 - Niche Keyword Research

  • Confirm you are using the same keywords as your potential customers. Make a keyword phrase list.
  • Note the traffic volumes in your intended niche. Confirm there enough traffic for the new business idea.
  • Look at the Keyword Difficulty. 0-30 = Easy to compete. 30+ needs a large website. Look for 3, 4, 5 word keyword phrases initially.

Step #2 - Google Search Most Popular Niche Keyword Phrase

  • Look to see if there are ads running in your niche topic. Note the company names.
  • Confirm if there are 10 exact match Organic Search Results. If not, you have an opportunity.
  • Note the company names showing up in organic search and make a list.

Step #3 - Competitor Research

  • Perform Domain Analysis of your competitors that are running Paid ads in your niche.
  • Perform Domain Analysis of your competitors that have top 10 organic results in your niche.
  • Note the website organic traffic. This relates to the size of the competition.
  • Note the organic ranking keywords. Look for keywords you want to rank for.
  • Note the indexed web pages. See where emphasis is being placed in terms of content. How big is the competition.
  • Note the website paid search in dollars. What is the competition spending in ads on your niche.
  • Note the paid keywords being paid for. See the money being spent by keyword for new customers.

So, here's the bottom line for every business owner...

  • You business idea research will provide enough information to see if you implement it.
  • Is the market place large enough for the new business idea? Learn the customer demands.
  • If there existing competition in the niche and how large are they? Gain insights.
  • Know the keyword and traffic volumes expected if content is created in the niche.

The bottom line here is that you can prosper from implementing the business idea without having to endure a business idea failure.

And, if you're a business owner who is serious about learning how to really make this work for you, take a couple of minutes to Top 10 Competition Analysis + Keywords + Copywriting at This makes it easy for you to prosper from implementing the business idea without having to endure a business idea failure!

Top 10 Competition Analysis + Keyword Research + Copywriting

P.S. I perform this type of analysis a lot for new prospects and clients. Here are samples of some of the business analysis reports I extract. By reviewing the companies with top 10 rankings, you gain insights on their strategies. You can model what you want to use. Your competitors also provide you with market size insights and keywords they are not directly targeting (opportunity).

Result Outcomes:

Business Idea has too little traffic on the main topic keyword. Drop the idea or pivot the keyword. Save wasting time.

Business Idea has too much competition. Niche down into the topic with a targeted content cluster to succeed.

New field business idea. Make a small website. Run a test display and search ad campaign to see the potential. Collect expressions of interest emails. Gain a list of keywords that generated clicks. Implement if response is strong.

The better you understand your customer, the higher the probability of success.

Diane Bryant, Intel Corp. executive.